Welcome to the Finest Bagels Blog

“I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in the land” Josh “Lemon” Lyman

Besides the parties, living steps away from our best friends, and guiltless binge drinking, the thing we miss most about college are the discussions about current events that were bound to happen when you put a large concentration of nerds in one place and then force them to study for 10+ hours a day.  These conversations were fun to us because they not only helped us reevaluate our world views and consider the opinions of others, but they also forced us to hone our skills communicating and defending our own positions.  Now that we have graduated and are woefully underemployed, we have found that these kinds of conversations are harder to come by.  The solution? We did what any group of self-respecting frustrated millennials would do – we started a blog.

This blog is meant to serve as a digital substitute for the scholarly discussions we used to have among our classmates.  A way to keep our research and communication skills sharp as we navigate the seas of “funemployment.” Our goal is to post at least one article a week covering recent events, politics, law, or anything else we happen to be interested in at that moment. We will write these articles in the same manner in which we used to prepare for our class assignments: well researched, reputable and well cited sources, and probably finished mere minutes before the deadline.

What we promise our readers is that what we write will not be unsubstantiated. We have had enough with articles lacking in sources and research pervading throughout our media and political landscape. The core foundation of a successful and democratic government is a well informed citizenry. As Americans, we all deserve a better form of political writing. Writing that goes above and beyond to both inform the reader and demonstrate the claims made by the authors, along with a comprehensive background on the topic will be the (un)common goal that we will strive for. It’s easy to make claims, but for something to be informative and persuading it must be backed by research and data. So the writers at The Finest Bagels Blog will promise you this, we will peer-edit, proofread, and research as much as possible to ensure clarity and accuracy in the claims made by our writers.

We also know that you may not always agree with us, but we will try our damnedest to both write fairly and make sure you thoroughly understand where we are coming from. So please direct all questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, and death threats to finestbagelsblog@gmail.com and let us know where we have hit the mark or have been led astray. May you always drink from the keg of glory.

-The Finest Bagels Blog Founders

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