Veepstakes 2016: Tom’s Predictions

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Tom Warwick 

With the Republican and Democratic Conventions coming up, much is being made about the 2016 “Veepstakes.” Both candidates, with unfavorable ratings approaching the stratosphere, will be looking for a number two that can make up for some of their own shortfalls and help to round out their Party’s ticket. Since some of our other more research-heavy articles are taking a tad longer to edit then we anticipated (way to go Tom) and we would like to keep our promise of an article a week,  the staff here thought it would be fun to take a stab at predicting the Vice Presidential candidates for the two major parties.  Since we are super-nerds we have also included our “dream candidate.” A pick who, while maybe not being the most practical, instills us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. So without further ado, our picks!


Trump – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

Mr. Trump knows diddly squat about running a nation.  He has never held public office, and I’m willing to bet that he hasn’t even bothered to watch Schoolhouse Rock’s  timeless classic “I’m just a Bill.”  As a result he is going to need a partner who makes up for this lack of experience.  My first instinct was Chris Christie, but he comes with almost as much baggage as Mr. Trump himself.  Between “Bridge-gate,” not being very popular in his own state, and the fact that he was the prosecutor who put Trump’s son-in-law’s father in jail, Mr. Christie is more likely going to be taped as Attorney General in the case of a Trump Victory. Instead, enter Mr. Beltway himself: Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  While I disagree with many of Speaker Gingrich’s policy positions there is no doubt that he knows how Washington works. If Trump gets elected, Gingrich will be able to provide invaluable advice on policy issues.  Mr. Gingrich would also add some true-blue (red?) conservative chops to a ticket that some of the base have been skeptical about.  In addition to his experience, if asked to run Mr. Gingrich will be likely to say yes. Which believe it or not this is something that seems bit hard to find among Republicans at the moment.

Clinton – Former Governor Deval Patrick

Secretary Clinton has two major problems moving into this election: she is very unpopular and a large section of her party sees her as “too conservative.” When picking her Vice President she needs someone who will not only appeal to a general election audience, but will re-energize the liberals in her party.  Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick meets both of these requirements.  While not as popular as a certain democratic politician from the Commonwealth, Patrick comes with some serious liberal credentials and less political baggage. As Governor, Patrick was instrumental in making improvements to the Massachusetts Education Systems.  He fought for legislation that has made his state a leader in the battle against climate change. And his leadership during the Boston Marathon was seen as reassuring and resolute.  The Governor also has experience both as the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and is currently the Senior Adviser for the Chicago Police Department’s Accountability Task Force.  As the tension over civil rights and police brutality continue to grow in our country, Patrick offers the ticket some serious credibility and incite on the issue.  Overall Patrick brings to the ticket a fresh liberal face that can energize the base, without the mistrust or firebrand style of politics that would turn off moderate voters.

Trump “Dream Pick” – Governor Jon Huntsman

This will never happen in a million years, mostly because Jon Huntsman is too smart to tie himself to someone like Trump, and Trump hates people that occasionally use their heads. None the less if I could force anyone on The Donald, it would be the policy savvy moderate Republican who will always have my heart ❤

Clinton “Dream Pick” – Vice President Joe Biden

Four more year’s baby! Vice President Joe Biden is my favorite person in politics.  He has a proven record of experience, would help to counter Secretary Clinton’s dismissal favorability ratings, and as the guy who has negotiated many of the big compromises on the Hill for President Obama, he would be able to assist Clinton in what is likely to be a hostile Congress. Four more years of Joe Biden would only be an asset to this country, anyone who says otherwise is simply full of Malarkey.



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