Taft and a Post-Presidency Obama

Regardless of what you think of President Obama, it is impossible to refute that his presidency will leave a long-lasting legacy with America’s political life. With his second and final term coming to an end, it raises questions that are an inevitable part of the American zeitgeist once every four or eight years: “What will the president do now?” “How does one go from being the most important person in the free world to being just another citizen?” Continue reading Taft and a Post-Presidency Obama

Sunday Travels: In the Footsteps of Lincoln

In a bit of a departure from our normal material, the Finest Bagels Founders would like to introduce a new “Sunday Travels” series. These occasional entries will describe the recent adventures of one of our staff writers, while remaining true to our mission of being informative and well researched. In the first of these entries Tom Warwick explores the days leading up to the Lincoln assassination, and reflects on the changing tone of our national politics. Continue reading Sunday Travels: In the Footsteps of Lincoln