FBB Salutes John Glenn

The Finest Bagels Staff 

If there was ever a time that America needed a hero, it was 1962.  The Cold War was reaching a tense crescendo, the United States was reeling from the international blunder at the Bay of Pigs, and the Russians had beaten us into space – not once – but twice. It was just as our post-war confidence was beginning to fade that the hero we needed stepped up.

John Glenn stepped boldly into the unknown and became the first American to orbit the earth. He blazed the trail for those who would follow and pushed the limits of what we thought possible. He touched the lives of thousands, even if he was too modest to admit it. He was simply an American Hero. As a new generation of Americans look to the skies and wonder “what’s next,” one thing is certain. Whatever it happens to be, it would not have been possible without him.

Godspeed, John Glenn.

One thought on “FBB Salutes John Glenn

  1. In one of my political science classes,the professor had us review the Salt II treaty ad the congressional discussions related to it. Mr Glenn was then serving in the Senate and on several important committees. My chief memory of this class work is that every time any even remotely technical topic came up, everyone immediately turned to Glenn for an explanation and he was able to provide it. In an increasingly complex and technical world, we are putting people in office who have no clue in many cases. Since then I have often wished we elected more people like Mr. Glenn, a veteran who advocated for veterans, a military man who advocated for peace, a senior citizen who set a great example of staying active and capable of productive work, and a scientist who advocated for more science education. They don’tmake ’em like they used to.

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