To Our Readers, Thank You.

Today marks what we think is an important milestone for this blog, our 50th follower.

There were times when we doubted we would ever get this far, and reaching this point, however arbitrary, makes us feel sentimental.

While sentiment typically makes for bad policy, it does make for good community. So, we would like to take this time to thank you all.  Your support and continued readership makes it all worthwhile. There would be little point to all this without anyone to share it with.  Your likes remind us that we aren’t just screaming into the void, your comments engage, entertain, and challenge us, your re-blogs embolden us.

So thank you all and we look forward to continuing to bring you our very best content. We hope you keep coming along for the ride with us.

– Tom, John, and Winston 

P.S. Extra special thanks to Kimchee and Catnip, who will always be our very first follower.

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