FBB One Year Anniversary Special

FBB Founding Editors 

“We did what any group of self-respecting frustrated millennials would do – we started a blog.” “Welcome to the Finest Bagels Blog,”  July 7, 2016

In July of 2016, we three newly minted college graduates were looking for a way to keep sharp as we waited for the job offers to come rolling in. We thought that a blog on which we could scream out into the void about recent events, politics, law, or anything else we happened to be in, would serve this purpose nicely. We, rather boldly, promised to deliver quality articles that went above and beyond to both substantiate the claims we were making and inform the reader. One year later, we are continuing to strive to meet this goal.

In celebration of our one year anniversary we wanted to share with you some of our favorite articles:  

Tom’s Favorites:

Sunday Travels: In the Footsteps of Mr. Lincoln

In the Footsteps of Mr. Lincoln was the first article in what would eventually become the Sunday Travels series. I have always been a huge fan of Lincoln and, since at the time I lived within an hour of Washington DC, there was really no excuse not to make the journey to some of the places most associated with his legacy. The idea to tie current events into the narrative (thanks Winston and John) helped to turn what originally read like a travel guide into a piece much more aligned with the mission of the blog.

The Special Relationship Articles  

I’m going to preference this entry with the disclaimer that I had nothing to do with these articles. John, in the wake of Brexit, came up with the idea of writing an article about the long history of Anglo-American relations. To make things a bit more interesting, John enlisted his British ex-pat friend I.V. Williams to respond to the “American-view” article. The result were hilarious and as I was rereading the article in preparation for this special, I still giggle like Anderson Cooper.

John’s Favorites:

In defense of the Electoral College

One of my favorite pieces is one which was highly controversial, my defense of the electoral college, published the day before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, when it seemed that the anger of the country was at a boiling point. I stand by every word, the electoral college works. While it wasn’t enough to convince my mother (sorry mom), hopefully it’s enough to convince you.

Sunday Travels: Fried Chicken… With a side of Treason!

While this article was mostly (entirely) the work of Tom, I was there for the trip, and I was actually surprised about how much fun I had. This piece is one of my favorites because it is, amazingly, incredibly, against all odds, actually funny.
Winston’s Favorites:

Speed Cameras, Metal Satans?

My magnum opus. My true crowning achievement. The detailed exposé that big-camera doesn’t want you to see which PROVES that speed cameras kinda work. In any case this was a fantastic piece to write as I tried to combine terrible humor with actual fact. For those who know me, this article also became my own worst enemy; always too far from completion but still within my reach. This article haunted me for weeks, crying for its completion. Finally, after seeing the third speed camera on my way to work months after I had begun this article, I knew it must be completed. However, I am sad that I wasn’t able to find a complete answer to the question. It seems as though speed cameras are not so easily captured.

FBB Debate Special: The Military Draft in America

This article brought me back to my days in high school debate and I loved every second of it. The idea of a true debate, based on facts and reasoning, is my lifeblood. This article allowed John and I to provide our case and leave it all up to you to decide. There is nothing more invigorating than trying to build your own case while simultaneously trying to predict the points that John may make. It reinvigorated my passion for policy and has left me wanting for more.

The Finest Bagels Blog thanks all of our readers, whether new or old. We appreciate your support, and we are looking forward to continuing to bring you new content.

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