Welcome to the Finest Bagels Blog, a joint project between three recent college graduates launched for the purpose of sharing our semi-regular ramblings covering politics, law, national security and what ever else we feel like. You can read about our intentions here. Our team includes:

Tom Warwick, Founding Editor: 

Tom Warwick graduated from the State’s Honor College in 2016, with a GPA in the meatier part of the bell curve. His interests center mostly on national security and defense policy, but thanks to a top-notch liberal arts education he can BS his way through pretty much anything. Politically Tom can be described as a Moderate Republican, which is to say an endangered species. On social issues, he holds a series of views that have prompted several of his Catholic relatives to begin praying for his soul. On fiscal and defense policy he is only slightly right of the Kaiser. When not writing for the Finest Bagels Blog, Tom enjoys long hikes, longer runs, and the “occasional” extra dry martini.

John O. Sullivan, Founding Editor: 

John Sullivan is a Baltimore native turned country bumpkin. He spent most of his four years at THE Public Honors College propping up Tom Warwick while pursuing a degree in Political Science and Public Policy. John could best be described as an unholy fusion of a deficit hawk and a flaming liberal. His favorite president was James K. Polk (Sea to Shining Sea, Baby). John mostly focuses on education, the environment, and small-time local issues no one else cares about. When not writing for The Finest Bagels Blog He mostly consumes a concerning volume of Orioles Baseball and alcohol (not unrelated).

Winston Smith, Founding Editor: 

Winston Smith attended college with both Tom and John, somehow emerging with a degree or two, no one is really sure yet. While self-identifying a political stance has always been a problem from Winston, he at least believes in individual liberties, civil rights, due process, and general empathy. When not shriveling away at his desk, Winston focuses his time on legal and political issues ranging from great to little consequence. While apart from the Finest Bagels Blog, Winston enjoys Four Roses Single Barrel and isolation.

Roger Durling, Contributing Writer:

Roger Durling is a recent graduate of “That School Up North” and liked it so much that he decided to spend three more years at it’s law school. Roger’s interests center on international politics, climate policy, and the American legal system. Politically, he is more of a Democrat than you are. When not writing for the Finest Bagels Blog, Roger enjoys plunging pins into his Ohio State voodoo doll and trying to figure out ways to work Legally Blonde quotes into his legal briefs.